Core Documents

Statement of Faith

What we believe at Calvary Baptist that the church is not man-made but has been instituted by God in His Word. Our Statement of Faith is a summary of biblical teachings that unite our congregation under core teachings from Scripture such as: God, the Bible, sin, the church, etc.

Church Covenant

To be a member of a church is to be vitally connected to the life of that particular body. It means to give yourself to the good of that body, while that body gives itself back to your good. Our church covenant are promises that we make to one another as members of Calvary Baptist Church. Our Statement of Faith is our declaration of what we believe and our Covenant is our promise of what we will do.


Our Constitution is a set of rules we have agreed upon which help us to function well as a church. These are the procedures by which, among other things, we elect our leaders, add members to our church, remove members, and generally order ourselves as we seek to glorify God and encourage each other.