In June 1950, Rev. Charles Allen Shaw resigned as pastor of Indian Creek Baptist Church.  On July 5th, 1950, several ladies met at the home at the home of some friends in Greenville, Indiana, for the purpose of a shower for Rev. Mrs. Shaw.  It was after this event the Lord began to stir in the heart of Mildred Royalty, one of the founding members to inquire about having a Southern Baptist Church this side of the Ohio River.  She asked, “Why couldn’t we start a Southern Baptist Church?”  At that time there were no Southern Baptist Churches in the area.  

From this point on, a vision for a Southern Baptist Church in this area was beginning to sprout.  Some families, totaling 17 adults and 12 children, gathered on July 9, 1950 to discuss this vision. Reverend Charles Shaw was voted to be called as the first pastor of Calvary. It was decided and the call was extended.  He accepted the call.

Reverend Charles Shaw pictured with his wife and children (1956)

Following the call of the first pastor for this body a committee was appointed to find a tent or a place of worship.  They found a building in the New Salisbury area that they could use as long as they agreed to care for the building and its contents. There was a piano, homemade pews and a pulpit.  The ladies got together and made curtains to separate class rooms.  There was no electric, but gasoline lanterns were brought in to give light on Sunday and Wednesday nights.  The church was instituted on September 23, 1951 and became known as Calvary Baptist Church – the first Southern Baptist Church in Indiana in the area.

Calvary’s first building (1951)

There was much work to be done because the building had been used as an apartment, grocery story, a garage, besides what it was originally built to be – the New Salisbury School.

Shortly after they have used the building and began to grow, the current structure needed repairs and a new edition needed to be added on to the existing structure. Calvary expanded and so did its congregation.

Folks of Calvary inspecting the grounds for the new building (Sep. 3, 1966)

Calvary Baptist Church has served the Southern Indiana area for many years. The church had several pastors come to serve this community and it’s members. Yet, God, in his providence, has sustained this church in this community from its beginning to, Lord willing, when Christ returns.

Today, Calvary still stands on the corner of 135 and 64 in New Salisbury, Indiana serving its community the hope of the world. Calvary Baptist Church stands to do all that they can to promote God’s glory by reaching the world and teaching the Word.

Come be a part of Calvary’s story, a story in which God works in all things to bring glory to his name a joy to his people.